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Omaha Public Library is committed to preserving a safe and welcoming environment for reading, learning, exploring ideas, creating, participating in programs, and enjoying other library activities. Library visitors are expected to comply with the following at all OPL locations, and the penalties for not following these rules are detailed in the library’s Ban and Bar Policy:

  • Respect one another, including library staff and other customers.
  • Comply with any reasonable request from the staff.
  • No abusive or obscene language
  • No fighting
  • Use cell phones in a manner that is not disruptive to others; set ringer to vibrate and speak quietly.
  • Be considerate of fellow library users; do not harass, intimidate or disturb them.
  • No weapons
  • The use of tobacco products and smoking in any form, including electronic cigarettes, is only permitted outside in designated areas.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed anywhere on library property.
  • Do not deface, damage or destroy library materials or property.
  • Check out all library materials before leaving the premises.
  • Pay for all printing from library computers.
  • Limit the number of people at a computer to no more than two.
  • Use restroom facilities properly.
  • Do not leave personal items unattended.
  • All personal items must fit under a chair and must not be left unattended.
  • No tampering with or using computers in a manner that violates Omaha Public Library’s usage policy
  • Leave library furniture where you find it.
  • Leave animals at home. The only exception to this is for registered service animals.
  • Use proper waste receptacles to dispose of trash.
  • Appropriate dress is required (shirt and shoes).
  • No sleeping
  • Eat or drink in designated areas only.
  • Use audio/video devices with headphones.
  • Maintain orderly and safe entry/exit at library facilities—do not loiter in high traffic areas, doorways, stairways or entrances/exits.
  • No roller skating or skateboarding on library property
  • Maintain proper personal hygiene.
  • No soliciting, panhandling, or behavior that disturbs or intimidates others
  • No excessive public displays of affection
  • Children under the age of 11 should not be left unattended.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
of the Omaha Public Library September 17, 2008
Re-approved August 19, 2015
Amended December 18, 2015 
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