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History Sites

History Sites

African American History

African American Freedom Fighters

Thomas Peters - Revolutionary War.

SurfNet Kids - Black History Month.

Northville District Library - Black History Month Site.

African-American Mosaic - A Library of Congress resource guide for the study of Black history and culture.

Black Facts Online - Find out what happened in Black history for selected dates.

Schomburg Legacy Exhibition - Documenting the global Black experience for the 19th century. From the New York Public Library.

Underground Railroad Freedom Center - Information on the Underground Railroad.

African-American Civil War Memorial - Black Medal of Honor winners from the Civil War.

African American Warriors - Famous Blacks in the military.

African American Odyssey - From the Library of Congress exhibition, The African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship

African & Middle Eastern History

Africa Research Central - This site provides primary source material on African history, including library & museum repositories, with artifacts, manuscripts and photographs.

Africa South of the Sahara - Maintained by Stanford University, this site contains informational links on African countries and regions south of the Sahara Desert, including general topical links as well.

African Voices - From the Smithsonian, this site presents cross-sections of the history, culture and art of Africa.

Israeli Government's Official Website, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Israeli Government site giving up to date news and information on events in Israel and the surrounding region. Also gives historical, economic, cultural, religious and political information on Israel.

MENIC - Middle East Network Information Center - University of Texas Site site giving information on the Middle East. News, travel, culture, history, society, organization and politics are among the information included.

MERIP - Middle East Research & Information Project - Provides news and perspectives about the Middle East not available from mainstream news sources. Includes independent analysis of events and developments.

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs - From the publishers of the Washington Report, a searchable database that includes news sources on countries, states and events in the Middle East.

Ancient World History

Theban Mapping Project - Valley of the Kings, a major burial site of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, is mapped here. Includes royal genealogies, extensive contributions from Egyptologists with the American University in Cairo.

Egyptian Antiquity Information - Covers the pyramids, pharaohs, religion, astrology of ancient Egypt. Includes complete text of Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Ancient Greece - history, mythology, art, culture and architecture.

Daily Life in Ancient Greece - The ancient Greeks were very proud of their city-state! They were also proud of being Greek. The ancient Greeks were thinkers. Come visit and enjoy what you learn.

Greeks: Crucible of Civilization - PBS site detailing the history, culture and lifestyle of the ancient Greeks. Includes timeline, maps, and biographies.

Perseus Digital Library - An evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond, specifically the Archaic and Classical Greek world. Presented by Tufts University.

De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors - Details the rulers of the Roman empire from Augustus to Constantine XI Palaeologus. The encyclopedia includes an index of all emperors who ruled Rome during its 1500 years; biographical essays on the emperors; family trees of important dynasties; significant battles in the history of the empire including descriptions and maps; maps of the empire itself at different times.

BBC Viking Programs - Program companion for a BBC television program, but the site stands on it's own for information.

Asian History This site provides historical, legal, and cultural information on the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. Also, there is current news and information.

Sources on the Balkan Peninsula - Academic, political and general information are provided about the Balkan region through this Hellenic Resources Network site.

Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners.

Origins of Chinese Writing

Asia Source - Resource on Asian society. Includes information on news, events, profiles, culinary, art & culture, business & economics, politics and history.

China Today - Links to Chinese arts and entertainment, culture, politics, business, travel, law, real estate and sports.

Japan Information Network - Information on Japan's history, government, regions, cities and statistics, with links to other sites. From the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

European History

Middle Ages - What was it really like to live in the middle ages?

Footwear in the Middle Ages

Medieval Technology Pages - This site is a reference source on the technological developments of the Medieval period.

Castles on the Web - Take a virtual tour of several castles.

Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe - This project involves the creation of a hypertext archive of narratives, medical consilia, governmental records, religious and spiritual writings and images documenting the arrival, impact and response to the problem of epidemic disease in Western Europe between 1348 and 1530. A work in progress.

WWW-VL EUI European History Project - Virtual Library of European History

History of Germany
History of the Berlin Wall

History of Germany - Primary Documents.

History of Spain
Si Spain! - Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents an overview of the country's history.

History of the British Commonwealth
British History - England, Britain, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Wales, Scotland.

British History 1500-1950 - -Resource covering the years 1500-1950 offers an extensive collection of biographies and includes details on major social and political movements.

British Monarchy - History of the British monarchy with information on dynasties, coronations, genealogy, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

British History - Quick overview of British history from the stone age to the present.

American and British History Resources on the Internet - Rutgers University site with links to scholarly resources on American and British history.

Famous Speeches

Gettysburg Address - From the Library of Congress, along with the drafts he made before the final version.

African American

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project - From Stanford University. Text of papers and documents related to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Latin American History

Mesoweb - an exploration of Mesoamerican cultures.

Avalon Project: The Cuban Missile Crisis - Yale Law School site presenting the documentary record of the Cuban missile crisis and its aftermath as well as U.S. policy toward Cuba during the period October 1962 to December 1963. Includes documentation on the Bay of Pigs incident and U.S. courses of action in response to the unsuccessful invasion.

HLAS Online: Handbook of Latin American Studies - This bibliography on Latin America alternates between social sciences and humanities and is updated monthly.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) - University of Texas site containing information on Latin American countries and their cultures. Includes history, government, business, news, science, arts, travel and tourism.

Mesoamerican Photo Archives - From Tulane University, information and photographs on Mesoamerican archaeology which includes excavation sites and museums in Mexico.

Native American History

Indigenous Peoples of the Americas - World History Archives Weblinks library.

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest - University of Washington site providing an extensive digital collection of original photographs and documents about Northwest Coast and Plateau Native American cultures with scholarly essays. Includes maps showing traditional territories or reservation boundaries.

Bureau of Indian Affairs - Official government information site on contemporary Native American issues, from laws governing reservations, tribal land disputes, and American Indian Trust area. Resources for Native American ancestry searching is included. Explores federal governments relationship with Native American tribes also.

First Nations Histories - Compact guide with links to information on various Native American tribes.

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park - National Park Service site dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the Hopewell culture.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet - Official web sites of native nations are linked. Also includes links to history, culture, genealogy, archaeology and medicine.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center - Native American site describing the history and culture of the many communities of the Pueblo people.

Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project - Cooperative effort among the University of Oklahoma Law Center, the National Indian Law Library (NILL), and Native American tribes providing access to the Constitutions, Tribal Codes, and other legal Native American documents.

Native American Documents Project - California State University site giving a history of the documents of federal Indian policies.

Native American Nations - Access to the official web sites of the Native Nations.

Native Peoples of the Great Lakes Region - This overview includes material on languages, warfare and the ways in which the first settlers farmed, fished and hunted.

NativeWeb - Informational site on Native Americans that includes news, events, geography, history and culture.

Nebraska & Omaha History

For Historical Digital Image Collections, see Trans-Mississippi & International Exposition Collection and
Early Omaha: Gateway to the West Digital Collection

For Biographies, see Biographies

Nebraska minor league baseball - Twenty two Nebraska towns have hosted minor league baseball. Learn about Kearney Kapitalists in the Nebraska State League of 1910 and the McCook Braves of 1956. This site explores the leagues, teams, towns and players involved in professional baseball.

To Nebraska in 1857: A Diary of E. F. Beadle - This site presents the complete text of the 1857 travel diary of Erastus F. Beadle (1821-1894), a man who spent several months in Omaha during the early territorial days while trying establish the town of Saratoga, between Omaha and Florence.

Omaha Indian Heritage Project - Omaha culture is important to the history of the Plains peoples because the Omaha are one of the few Plains tribes who continued an earth lodge/horticultural adaptation to the Plains even after horses were introduced. Omaha artifacts are scarce, widely dispersed, and not well catalogued. In an effort to make Omaha artifacts and photographic images more available, this project is creating an online catalogue of tribal resources drawn from international sources.

Nebraska Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission - Features a map showing links to activities taking place on the Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota sides of the Missouri River during 2004. - This site provides students, teachers and those interested in Nebraska access to a rich source of facts and viewpoints about Nebraska and its history. The nine timelines span from pre-1500 to the present day. From each time line you'll find stories about the lives of people who lived then, plus letters, photographs and other primary historical source documents. Teachers will find lesson plans and suggested activities.

Trans-Mississippi & International Exposition Collection - Owned by the Omaha Public Library.

Historic Omaha - Featuring historical walking tour of downtown Omaha, as well as historical sites, pictures and events in Omaha's history.

History of the State of Nebraska - Andreas (1882) - A full account of it's growth from an uninhabited territory to a wealthy and important state.

Nebraska Civil War Veterans - Master List of Nebraska Civil War Veterans (Blue & Gray) taken from Cemetery lists, 1890 Vet Census (Federal), 1893 NE Census of Veterans (thanks to Lynn) and the Andreas History of NE. This will help you learn where your veteran appears on NEGenWeb.

Historical Society of Douglas County (Omaha, Nebraska) - The Douglas County Historical Society is located at Historic Fort Omaha, which is now the campus of Metropolitan Community College, at 30th and Fort Streets. The mission of the Douglas County Historical Society is to collect, preserve and present to the public the history of Douglas County.

Omaha Mayors - List of Omaha Mayors throughout history.

Nebraska History Resources - From the Nebraska State Historical Society.

United States History

Our - This historical site presents a listing of 100 milestone documents, compiled by the National Archives and Records Administration, and drawn primarily from its nationwide holdings. The documents chronicle United States history from 1776 to 1965.ranging from The Bill of Rights (1791) to the Voting Rights Act (1965).

American and British History Resources on the Internet - Rutgers University site with links to scholarly resources on American and British history.

American History - Information on early America, revolution, westward expansion, etc.

American West: This site covers the history and development of the American West, from the frontier days to modern times.

Witchcraft in Salem Village: This site provides essays, papers, and court documents from the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

Nebraska Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission - Features a map showing links to activities taking place on the Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota sides of the Missouri River during 2004.

America's Great Depression - Links

"I remember . . ." (Reminiscences of the Great Depression).


American Revolution

Spy Letters of the American Revolution: This site offers the text of letters written by spies during the American Revolution. It also looks at spy techniques and stories from this era.

Revolutionary War

Colonial Hall: This site offers biographies of America's Founding Fathers.

War of 1812

The War of 1812 Website - Welcome to's War of 1812 Website...

American Civil War

The American Civil War - Lots of links arranged by topic

University of Tennessee American Civil War Homepage

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States: This site is a collection of full-text Union and Confederate poetry and songs indexed by title, author, and first line.

Civil War Maps: The Library of Congress American Memory Collection offers this collection of images of American Civil War maps.

American Civil War Homepage

U.S. Civil War Center - What was it like during the Civil War? This is a comprehensive site of links to all sorts of answers to those questions.

African-American Civil War Memorial - Black Medal of Honor winners from the Civil War.

World War I

World War I Document Archive

World War II

World War II Resources : The Pearl Harbor Working Group.

Normandy 1944 : the encyclopedia Britannica offers this multimedia site on the invasion of Normandy in WWII.

Cybrary of the Holocaust

The IB Holocaust Project - Coral Gables High School.

PBS - The American Experience | Guts and Glory | Battle of the Bulge .

The Cold War

The Cold War


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