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Gabriella Quiroz
Curated by Alex Priest

Gabriella Quiroz is an Omaha-based artist working out of the Hot Shops Art Center. Her work has been featured in numerous group showings throughout the city of Omaha and its surrounding areas.  Gabi works primarily in oil paints and colored pencils developing works of symbolic imagery and figurative study.  
Teal Gardner
Curated by Alex Priest
Opening Reception: July 10, 4 - 6 pm

Teal Gardner is an artist, playworker and assistant Montessori educator living in Omaha. She was a fellow at the Union for Contemporary art in 2013. She is currently a resident at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, where she is investigating play as it relates to agency, freedom and presence in urban space. Her installations are comprised of painted sticks, cardboard signs, and other (natural and synthetic) props that suggest a “playful insurrection.”
Carlee Pakes
Curated by Alex Priest
Opening Reception: May 8, 4 - 6 pm

Animal mythos, totems and folklore from different cultures have aided our understanding of the world. These stories have captivated the artist’s imagination, and she relishes hearing the histories that all civilizations tell. To each society, animals are allegories and personify vital roles that are revered by humankind. They are regular creatures given divine identities, worshiped for their unique strengths, or have some unknown spiritual significance.
Mary Jo Wentz
Curated by Alex Priest
Opening Reception: March 7, 4-6 pm

Painting with alcohol inks allows Wentz to express ideas in a way that is colorfully intense with an often unexpected outcome. Her paintings have a somewhat organic quality and are inspired by people, travel, nature, history and design. In the artist’s experience working with fibers, the medium itself is as much a participant in the process as her own ideals.  “We work as co-creators of each bowl or basket.” Her process is an interactive and interesting journey of discovery and joy, as much tactile as visual and kinesthetic. 
Alicia Armentrout
Curated by Alex Priest
January 9 - Feburary 28
Opening Reception: January 9, 4 - 6 pm, artist will present program on "Walking to Grandeur"

Alicia Armentrout showcases and documents the things we overlook every day, be that tranquil rural outposts, dried out seed pods, wildflowers in ditches, and other outliers, loners, and weeds, in order to celebrate the individual and the unique. Her collection of pictures aim to remind everyone there’s plenty of grandeur to enjoy in the Midwest. These pictures also showcase how culture intersects with our environs to create our understanding of "us." The Allwine Prairie, located near Bennington, NE, provided a backdrop to tell both a Midwest kind of story, as well as a broader one.

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