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Science Future
Travis Apel, Launa Bacon, and Regan Pufall

Science Future is a multimedia exhibition featuring the scientific and futuristic impulses of Travis Apel, Launa Bacon, and Regan Pufall. For Apel, naturalistic forms are complicated with extraterrestrial references; while Pufall reworks insects into otherworldly scapes; and Bacon bombards the viewer with a sensory overload of dystopic and utopic ideas. Together, their work mines imagery from science and science fiction exploring and complicating relationships within their parallel worlds.
Kim Darling

Self-Governance re-contextualizes Omaha-based artist Kim Darling’s current and past work at Omaha Public Library. Darling’s colorful icons and synthetic symbols are full of contemporary and historic narratives that are critical of cultural and political institutions/ideologies. As a container for the exhibition, Omaha Public Library is as much apart of the work as a sounding board for larger conversations.
The Fractured World
Jave Yoshimoto

Yoshimoto's work takes on the ephemerality of news and information and how the emotions are brought to each tragedy in the news cycle are swept away by the wave of information that floods the media. He addresses this social amnesia through his art with the work acting as a social memory for tragic events so quickly forgotten in our information age. 

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